Mary Quattlebaum


Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond

The Story

Jo MacDonald introduces youngsters to the wild creatures at her grandfather’s pond in this eco-friendly riff on the popular Old MacDonald song.  You’ll find fish, frogs, ducks—and a few surprises—as well as the rhythms and wordplay so delightful to little ones.  E-I-E-I-O!  A resource section includes descriptions of each animal and activities.  And look for the animals hidden in each lively watercolor illustration!

Singing and Writing Games

  1. 1.In a group or classroom situation, assign each child the sound of one particular thing or animal (reeds, fish, frog, etc.).  At the end, the pond is very quiet.  Now, have the children, all together, make their sound.  What a wild symphony!  For additional pond fun, have each child draw a picture of his/her animal and hold it up while making its noise.

  1. 2.Visit a pond or look at the pictures in books about ponds.  Do you see creatures that might be added?  What sounds do they make?  Sing the song with these added animals.

  1. 3. Additional activities available online through publisher Dawn <>


Awards and Reviews

NAPPA Gold Award

Mom’s Choice Gold Award

“Sure to inspire a rousing storytime [and] encourage readers to explore the world around them.”—Kirkus

“A refreshing way for young children to learn [about] the wonders of the natural world.”—Cheryl Charles, Ph.D., co-founder of Project Learning Tree, Project WILD, and Children & Nature Network

“A delightful take-off on a favorite song.”—Bill Hilton Jr., Executive Director, Hilton Pond Center for Piedmot Natural History

This pond from Mary’s childhood inspired

Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond.  Mary and her six brothers and sisters liked to play and fish here.

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