Mary Quattlebaum


The Hungry Ghost of Rue Orleans

The Story

Fred the ghost loves his leaky, creaky old house in New Orleans.  But when Pierre and his daughter Marie turn it into a jazzy-snazzy restaurant, Fred makes a haunting appearance.  Instead of being scared, though, the diners are entertained!  Dejected, Fred decides to leave--until he gets a whiff of Pierre’s new sweet-and-spicy dish.  A charming tale, infused with New Orleans atmosphere and cuisine.

Awards and Reviews

“The interplay among the characters is great….  [E]thereal, quirky [illustrations] … help anchor the New Orleans setting.”--Kirkus

“A good story for both storytime and a one-on-one read.  The painterly illustrations, rich in color and detail … [convey] the atmosphere of the old house and the New Orleans setting perfectly.” – School Library Journal

“Definitely rings true to New Orleans.”

—April Whitley Bedford, Interim Dean, College of Education and Human Development, University of New Orleans

“I’d buy it!”

--Terrence E. Young, Jr., M.Ed., MLS, Louisiana School Librarian

Writing and Cooking Activities

  1. 1.Like Fred, do you have a room or outdoor spot that feels     especially cozy and special?  Close your eyes and picture that place in your mind.  What sounds do you hear there?  What smells?  How do you feel being there?  Write a short description of your place, using at least three of your five senses.

  1. 2.Fred haunts a fancy restaurant, which is not the usual place for a ghost.  Try creating your own ghost story but have your ghost haunt something unusual—perhaps a tree, playground, or school cafeteria.  Why has your ghost chosen that spot?  What funny or scary things does it do and how do people react?  Finally, how does your ghost find peace?

  1. 3.Pierre and Marie serve New Orleans dishes such as red beans and rice, gumbo, and crawfish as well as Fred’s favorite Ghost Puffs, which are modeled after the city’s popular beignets.  Learn about and cook your own beignets by checking the What’s Cooking America website